Joshua Elder shared an interest point today, and it seems reasonable:

“99% of those using Clickbank fail” because they’re getting just 1% conversion rates…

And this is explained by Elder by the fact that Clickbank is open to everyone for free as an affiliate network, and everyone’s teaching to promote the same programs on YouTube using the same strategies.

Reasonable enough.

So What’s Elder’s Solution to this Clickbank Failure Phenomenon?

I just registered for the webinar coming up this Wednesday, June 3rd (though it was likely pre-recorded we’ll see), being held by Igor Kheifets… Joshua Elder’s “partner” – who claims to have the solution. It sounds something like this…

Pay money to join an exclusive affiliate network so you’re not competing with everyone. They’re seeing 10% conversion rates instead of 1% on their affiliate offers.

Of course as they sell to more and more people, which I assume could exponentiate if we as affiliate can sell the exclusive access, the conversion rates go down over time. But that doesn’t mean it’s not a great opportunity.

Whether it is or isn’t, it IS great marketing.

And it may be a great opportunity. Subscribe to Mike Klingler’s YouTube channel if you’d like to get thoughts on this after I’ve attended and reviewed the webinar.

Until then!
-Mike Klingler

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