Upviral is a tool making it simple for you to trigger referrals from new leads entering your list.

You offer a free bonus class or something they want in exchange for them entering the emails of friends or associates who might be interested in checking out what you offer.

When a lead who enters your funnel personally recommends someone to you like this, it is going to likely lead to more sales than a cold lead. Plus, you’re not paying for this additional traffic.

More on How This Works…

When someone enters your lead capture page, either from an ad you’re running, or an email you’ve sent out, or a post you’ve made on social media… they will be presented with this simple offer on the landing page.

The offer encourages them to get access to a free bonus you’re giving away (like a free class or training) if they refer a certain number of friends to you by entering their email address in the fields provided on that same page. By making this fast and easy for them to do, and giving them an incentive, it can really create an exciting effect for your business.

The email their referrals receive is personal and includes the name of the person recommending they check you out. So it’s a warm and friendly recommendation, which in itself can be powerful.

A Look at the Math…

Upviral shows some case studies that are quite impressive. And the math does make a lot of sense. If you offer a compelling free bonus and you get a few people referring a few people who refer a few people you get an exponential effect.

So let’s say with your own marketing, over the course of a month, you generate 100 leads.

But let’s say that for every 5 people who enter your lead capture page, on average, you get 3 new leads from referrals who entered their email as well. Remember, you don’t pay for these leads.

Let’s Look at How the Numbers Add Up…

Of the 100 leads you generated this would mean you have 20 people who referred 3 people. That’s 60 extra free leads.

But it doesn’t end there!

Of those 60 extra free leads, there are 12 more people who would have referred 3. So that’s 36 more free leads.

Within that group of 36 there’s another 7 people who would have referred 3. So that’s 21 more leads.

And within that group of 21 people there’s another 4 people who would refer 3 people, giving you yet another 12 more free leads.

Then within that group of 12 we have 2 more people referring 3 for 6 more free leads. And within there is one person referring 3 more.

Total Number of Free Leads…

The combined total of free leads you got from just generating 100 leads on your own is 138 free leads. So for every 100 leads you generate in this example you get 238 leads total. That’s a huge difference and there are people accomplishing this and better with Upviral.

It’s definitely worth considering to add Upviral into your lead capture process and start testing to get the viral effect working for you.

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