Use Fiverr for Marketing on a Budget!

If you haven’t tapped into it, Fiverr is a great way to find low cost solutions to getting practically anything under the sun done, particular along the lines of design work.

Check out the $10 fiverr logo I had made for this blog:

I know it’s nothing to jump up and down about but it’s not bad for $10. And the point is you don’t need to spend much to get stuff done online.

I’m a big believer in using inexpensive solutions to building your blog, funnels, design, logos, etc. I used to have the opposite approach and wasted (literally) millions over the years and it was completely unnecessary (creating my own systems when I could use existing ones, etc).

My blog today is a perfect example. It’s ultra simple because it doesn’t need to be complex to bring in leads and cashflow. If you’d like our team to set one up for you for $97 let me know and I’ll send you a link. I did pay $10 for the logo separately. Also ultra basic but it’s all it needs to be. I have instructions below if you want to get one like that made with your initials and perhaps with slight variations and a different color (for $10). The internet has changed over the years making it so much easier and so inexpensive to basically be able to write your own check. I encourage you to find inexpensive solutions. I got the initials logo created for $10 on Fivver here:

Sign up free with Fiverr here

Then get an account at Fiverr from there. Then find this person…

user: jassybaby1

Choose $10 price and when you write her tell her you’d like a logo just like mine (maybe show her and reminder her she made that one)… tell her you want it for your initials. If you want to try a different color let her you what colors to try. Or have her give suggestions. If you don’t like the first version have her re do it. I didn’t like the first version of the logo she made but I had her try again and she did this great version.

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