Fiverr for Marketing & Branding on a Shoestring Budget!

If you haven’t tapped into it yet, Fiverr is a great way to find low cost solutions to getting practically anything under the sun done for your business, branding and marketing.

Check out the logo I had made on Fiverr for this blog for just $10:

I’m a big fan of doing the minimum to get a maximum result. I think I’ve spent over $10,000 over the years on logos I don’t use anymore. There’s just no need. 

Use Fiverr to Have Any Number of Tasks Completed For Your Business on a Shoestring Budget

You can use Fiverr to have someone else rewrite content to make it unique to you.

And it’s very common to use Fiverr to have someone else create YouTube videos for you. This is great for those who don’t want to be in the videos themselves but still want to take advantage of the free SEO strategies available on YouTube. I’ve heard this done for as little as $5 – successfully done by high 6-figure earners.

Get a Free Account on Fiverr Here and Check It Out

Want a Logo Like Mine for $10?

By the way, I have instructions below if you want to get a logo made with your own initials using the same person I did. It’s likely she’ll make a logo for you of similar quality for $10 as well. Then you’ll know what you’re going to get. I suggest asking for a slight variation in the design or perhaps a different color.

Here’s how to find the person who did the logo for me:

Sign up free with Fiverr here

Then get an account at Fiverr (free and fast set-up).

Then find this person…

Fiverr user: jassybaby1

Choose the $10 price and when you write her let her know you’d like a logo just like mine (maybe show her and remind her she made my logo)… Tell her you want a version of this using your own initials. If you want to try a different color let her you know which colors to try. Or, have her give suggestions.

Or, have her try something completely different. And if you don’t like the first version just ask her to try again. I didn’t like the first version of the logo she made for me but she was happy to give it another shot and it was great. 

If she is no longer available on Fiverr or has increased her prices since I posted this, you’ll find plenty of others who are qualified to do the job for a low cost.

No More Wasting Money!

Once upon a time I wasted A LOT of money on my business and branding. I once spent $30,000 for a single branding video (dumb). I’ve spent $2000 for a logo design I no longer use (dumb). I’ve spent over a million bucks developing a project I never completed. It was a smart idea, but very poor implementation because I wasn’t focused on resourcefulness.

Point is, through all this I learned how to get a lot more done with very little cost and I want to pass this onto you. Fiverr is a great resource.

The internet has changed over the years making it so much easier and so inexpensive to basically write your own check. I encourage you to find inexpensive solutions to get your marketing system and branding in place and have some fun.

Bottom line, using Fiverr can save your bottom line! Sign up free and next time you need a service, give it a shot.

Sign up with Fiverr for low-cost business, marketing and branding development.

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