This article ensures you understand how important it is to add multiple affiliate offers into your marketing campaigns. Because no matter what you’re marketing or selling online, you need cashflow to market.

But first, I want to bring your attention to some big online developments that will be a game-changer. 

Big Online Developments Underway

I recently spotted some big developments in the online space that will usher in the next generation of super affiliates. A super affiliate is a big earner who knows how to generate A LOT of commissions, much of it on auto-pilot.

Kartra’s affiliate program is just one example. It’s a game-changer.

Affiliate Marketing is Powerful

As many of you have followed over the years, I’ve made some outrageous returns in affiliate marketing across a lot of niches. Like the time I promoted Mike Dillard’s EVG product to my list and received $165,000 in commissions. That was from sending just two weeks of emails!

But affiliate marketing is about a lot more than just a quick hit of cash. The goldmine is in placing multiple affiliate offers into your auto-emails. This is because you generate a lot more cashflow upfront and on each lead. Now you can scale up big (grow your list, sales and cashflow, fast).

Multiple Income Streams with Affiliate Marketing is KEY…

Affiliate marketing is a powerful way to increase your Average Lead Value. This refers to how much you earn per lead.

Increasing your Average Lead Value allows you to break-even or PROFIT within your first 30-90 days of a lead entering your list, so you can afford to build your list quickly. It allows you to be able to afford to sell your stuff.

Think of it this way…

If a coach is just selling one or a few offers they created, they might be losing money on ads. They won’t make it.

But if they add in 30-90 days of affiliate offers, they can now break-even on ad costs. They get to advertise big-time and ongoing and no longer lose money growing their list. They can promote what they’re selling to MORE and more people. And those affiliate offers will be things their audience is very much interested in.

It actually improves the sales of your main products, offers and opportunities when your list sees you selling a lot of options for purchase.

Do you see how this all really works?

This is what the online winners are doing behind-the-scenes and why most are struggling who don’t realize how it all really works.

SURPRISE! It’s Also How those Big Social Media Followings Get Created

There are rare exceptions but in most cases, those big social media followings you see were generated from ads. They could afford those ads because they were breaking-even (or profiting) within 30-90 days of a lead entering their funnel. They had many affiliate offers in their auto-emails allowing them to make much more per lead (increasing their Average Lead Value).

This is usually how someone builds a huge social media following because when you advertise, Facebook and social networks show your posts to those who interacted with your ads. So if you can build in affiliate offers that allow you to make enough to cover the cost of your ads, you’ve made it to The Big-Time.

This is how it all works. If you’re not adding in a lot of affiliate offers after a lead enters your email list, I suggest starting right away.

You can shop for affiliate offers at Clickbank or JV Zoo. Or, you can look at my Top Affiliate Programs List below:

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