Where Sam Ovens Gets it Wrong: He Forgot about Affiliate Marketing!

Don’t get me wrong. Sam Ovens has mastered marketing and advertising, along with good ole’ fashion product development to carve out a great niche for himself. He’s damn good at it. And anyone who has developed a product of their own could benefit from Sam’s courses.

But here’s one place Sam Ovens gets it wrong:

In Sam’s marketing presentations he emphasizes that the market has gone mad with an emphasis on front-end marketing tactic. I agree 100% on this point. He goes onto say that you MUST focus on product development instead of marketing in order to be successful. And that anyone who doesn’t has either failed or is about to.

I actually agree with Sam that the market has changed and is changing to where value must be the emphasis. But what he fails to mention is that affiliate marketing, which is a multi-billion dollar market, doesn’t require one to develop any products at all. In fact, there are many 7-figure earners whose main source of income is through affiliate marketing. Or, they got their start there and moved into creating their own products on the shoulders of their affiliate income.

I think Sam Ovens has a very important message for those who have created their own products. But even if you have your own product, supplementing it with affiliate marketing may be one of your smartest moves.

Sam doesn’t directly speak about affiliate marketing so I’m not clear on his stance on the market in and of itself. But one thing is for sure–you do not have to have your own product to succeed online.

With that said, Sam’s emphasis on value-first still pertains to affiliate marketers (and network marketing list builders), and I agree that many people appear absolutely delusional when you see how they are approaching their business. There is too much of an emphasis on copy-catting other methods, using their scripts, following the pack into chatbots or the latest marketing tactic, and too little on understanding the parent proven business strategy that every successful business using the Internet follows. I refer to this as the Cashflow Formula.

In a nutshell it’s:

– Make sure you cashflow
– Then get in profit
– Build a solid relationship with your list and create freedom income.

Sam Ovens doesn’t go there but at the foundation of his message it’s the same point. Approach what you’re doing with long-term success at the heart of your decisions, build something solid, and stop being a minion building your house on sand.

If you’ve been trying to sell your products but just not earning enough, or the idea of creating your own product overwhelms you at this stage, I encourage you to look into using Affiliate Marketing to get your start.

Start by downloading the Cashflow Formula. Just as Sam Ovens teaches that those with their own products should focus on the business rather than the marketing, the Cashflow Formula focuses you on the fundamentals of building a solid business in affiliate marketing, by generating short and long-term cashflow.

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