It all started 25 years ago in a tiny studio apartment smack dab in the middle of downtown.

I had just left the University and was college broke. There was enough to cover my next month’s rent and a few bucks for ramen and apples.

I didn’t like options in the job market. I wanted a better life for myself.

I started hunting in the classified ads section of the local newspaper. Where else? We didn’t have the Internet yet. Things were a lot harder to figure out. But we COULD still figure it out.

I found an opportunity with a network marketing company called Mannatech. Their gig was they had “isolated the functional component in Aloe Vera” and after some aggressive research I was excited.

I plopped my rent money on the table and rolled the dice. I also went to work. I was told to contact everyone I knew and prospect like a mofo. So that’s what I did. Rent was coming. So I enrolled a lot of people, sold a lot of nutrition but was barely making enough to survive.

Ever experience anything like that?

I had to figure out what real marketing was FAST. And I had to figure it out on my own.

I ended up setting up some ads and testing for one that would at least break even… focused on selling one of their nutritional products for kids. Once I found an ad that broke even I duplicated it across the country. I made a system out of it. While I was selling the product I was collecting the customer’s mailing addresses.

That allowed me to market the other products to the same list for a very low cost and with a high purchase rate, so I created a residual income that grew as my list did. I was free. I’d made it. I’ve never had to get that job.

When the Internet came out I just applied the same concept online. Start with a simple low-cost ad, make it break even, and then scale it up to big results. Build a list at the same time for free (actually at a profit) and now you can continue to generate more and more cashflow marketing to that list.

I got so good at it, a partner and I actually followed this strategy in 2008 to do over a million in a 24 hour period, and that was applying this concept of ‘scaling’ without advertising a dime.

There is nothing new about any of this. As I came to realize, everyone who is successful online follows the same exact strategy.

I want to teach this to you.

I’m tired of just marketing opportunities to my list. I want to teach you the stuff that creates lasting, permanent results in your life.

I’ve started a blog article where I’ll be discussing this over the next few weeks. The article just introduces the basics for now. But I’ll be expanding on it there so you’ll see the article grow in detail.

If you’re interested, bookmark this page and follow along as I break down the #1 marketing strategy EVERYONE who is successful long-term uses.

I’m releasing a free class that goes into the math and specifics, and tells the backstory of it all so you can REALLY get every component of it down.

If you want to know what happens behind-the-scenes of EVERY successful online entrepreneur…

Or to know how to successfully hit income targets with whatever it is you’re marketing…

Follow this story.

I’m making sure you understand how it all works. It’s not all that difficult. There are just a number of pieces that cannot be neglected. Get them right and you write your own ticket.

Mike Klingler

P.S. Robyn Linn will also be sharing her story of how, after meeting me in 2012, she was able to apply this strategy to a ‘T’ and generate 50K a month, which was automated for quite some time… freeing her up to create a passion project that later went on to revenue 2.9 million with just one ad on Facebook. Look for that too because she really breaks down the strategy and how she applied it with text-book accuracy.

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