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From the desk of Mike Klingler

This is the email I asked you to be on the look-out for today. If you haven’t mastered traffic and marketing yet, read this email carefully.

Driving traffic successfully and generating great cashflow requires competence in the skill of marketing.

Take that in if you haven’t mastered all this yet because it’s really all that’s standing between where you are now and where you want to be.

And don’t misunderstand.

You can’t sign up in a system to replace the need for this skill… even if that system is designed to help you with your marketing.

Systems can help you convert your traffic into leads and sales, but to get a lot of traffic consistently entering your system, over a long duration of time, you must have skills.

14 years ago I took on the task of teaching people all of this – marketing, conversations, all of it.

The biggest challenge in this task is that most people don’t want to do the needed work that brings the prize.

They just want the result.

This is understandable with human nature being what it is, but it’s frustrating to watch the same people move from opportunity to opportunity doing all kinds of things (which is really, really hard work) but never do the ‘right kind’ of work to master the skill.

Other than continuing to address this and call out the elephant in the room, there’s not much else I can but help those ready to develop the skills once and for all.

So About Those Skills

There is some education required for you guys to move up the ranks. Just handing you the cashflow systems and funnels won’t do it. You have to understand what the heck is up from down and be informed like a great marketer if you’re going to be able to drive traffic and attract people who see you as a valuable resource.

We have asked you to be focused on the Traffic side of the equation (using YouTube or FB Ads) to know how to drive traffic to a lead capture page that either you create that leads into our funnels or that we created. We’ve been supporting you through this process.

But here’s the thing…

The more you understand the Conversion side of the equation the better you’ll be at driving traffic. The more knowledgable you are about how it all works… how marketing and online sales works, the more valuable your content will be to your prospects and the more they’ll see you have value in store for them.

As soon as my head cold clears I’ll be holding a webinar – likely this coming Saturday in time for the Pow-Wow. I am going to review some really comprehensive stuff about how marketing and sales online works. I’ll be sending an email every morning between now and then to get you prepared. If you read each of these emails and follow the simple steps I give you, you will understand what I cover on that Saturday call.

When we launch Third Rocket and the new funnels for Profit Platform, as well as the Megalodon funnel (for massively more cashflow), you will be lost if you don’t follow the little breadcrumbs between now and then.

Look for my next email tomorrow to get you prepared.

My goal is for you to become an exceptional marketer. I have no doubt you can. But you must recognize that in order for that to happen you must UNDERSTAND marketing.

Make sense?

See you tomorrow for chapter 2, in preparation for Saturday’s comprehensive Pow-Wow.

-Mike Klingler

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