Friday at 10 AM PT
From the desk of Mike Klingler

I want you to walk away from tomorrow’s Pow-Wow knowing exactly what you need to do to achieve specific income targets. And to believe in yourself as a marketer because you have that clarity.

You will understand the goal of a marketer, and how to measure that goal…

1. Whether you’re promoting a system designed to take care of conversions for you (like Profit Platform, Third Rocket or the Megalodon Funnel),

2. Or you’re creating that for yourself using a tool like Kartra.

We will also update you on the development of Third Rocket and share some of the challenges and triumphs. Sharing these details with you can help take you from being merely a user of systems and buyer of programs, to becoming a knowledgable and valuable player online. This kind of knowledge transfers into more attractive content and confidence in your marketing.

We will review the behemoth Megalodon Funnel that is designed to significantly boost cashflow for those who don’t want to build their own system.

And we’ll show you how Third Rocket and Profit Platform fit in for even more cashflow.

We’ll share how Kartra, Kajabi and Clickfunnels, the 3 top funnel tools, fit into the picture, and how we’ll use Kartra to help you generate more commissions in the funnel. For those interested, we’ll also teach you how to use Kartra to build your own system. Or, if you’re not ready for that, we’ll use Kartra to make you a more valuable marketer because you’re in the know.

If you haven’t watched this Kartra video please do so before that call.

When you are knowledgable and skilled as a marketer, you are valuable. And that’s what tomorrow’s Pow-Wow is all about.

Please be in a place you can really focus. If you get distracted you will get lost. The Pow-Wow is at noon PT Saturday. This is only open to Profit Platform members. You will find the link to register inside the Profit Platform group.
-Mike Klingler

P.S. If you haven’t yet applied for a Kartra affiliate link, please do that now (no cost to apply to become a Kartra affiliate). We’ll be asking for your Kartra affiliate link soon to put into your funnels.

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