Mike Klingler Message to Profit Platform Members

Thursday at 8 AM PT
From the desk of Mike Klingler

Generating a steady stream of leads that convert into predictable cashflow every day is not a pipe dream.

Even if you have two jobs.

And even if you’re not tech-savvy.

But the answer is not joining another opportunity.

The answer is right here:

  • Get good at a traffic source (YouTube free leads or Facebook ads).
  • Get good at helping others get what they want.

A done-for-you funnel system can help you tremendously, but you still have a role.

I’ve committed myself to helping you guys get good at it. And to creating funnel systems you can leverage to make your job easier.

Our initial front-end funnel system intentionally focused on Unifii and wealth building. Those of us who are good at driving traffic can generate auto sign ups all day long with that funnel, but most people will need a lot more cashflow on the front end to be able to get over the hump. So as we have discussed, we are developing funnels now that are designed for just that – massive upfront commissions and “now money” that offsets ad costs and puts commissions in your pocket right away.

But listen up!

You will still need to drive traffic. You’ll just get a lot more back when you do because we’ll have cashflow’ing funnels designed for that purpose, before prospects get introduced to the Unifii opportunity. In fact, if you choose you can introduce your list to any opportunity. But it should be after the cashflow is in.

This kind of ‘cashflow’ funnel requires we market to a hungry audience. This is an audience that is ready to buy. They already know their need. And we fulfill it immediately.

Who is the hungriest audience?

The hungriest audience are business owners and marketers, or those who want to be. And they have specific needs we need to fill in the cashflow funnel.

Using an old ‘gold rush’ metaphor, our cashflow’ing “now money” funnels will sell them the picks and shovels — that’s where the real money was during the gold rush.

This includes training them on how to succeed in their business and marketing, and selling tools like Kartra, which will offer an affiliate commission to you, on top of a number of other resources that will provide commissions to you in your funnel.

By the way, you can apply to become an affiliate of Kartra. You don’t have to purchase the product to do that. Do that here: http://livingoffprofit.com

Not everyone will be approved to be an affiliate right away. Give it a shot and if you’re not approved we can help you get approved. Kartra will definitely be in the monster funnels we are creating for cashflow.

On Saturday’s Pow-Wow, we’re going to dive deep into all of this. We want you to understand what your role is and how to leverage what we provide.

The funnels we are creating next are a big key to all of this. And we’ll cover those. But you’re knowledge and skill needs to increase as well, and we’ll cover that too.

That doesn’t mean more time and expense to you, to get the results. It means LESS.

You have to help people solve their problems. And this needs to come across in your posts, videos, emails, and all your engagements with prospects.

The funnels, tools and training we provide (and that you can offer) make this 100x easier to do than on your own. But you need to be clear on your role.

It is to become a solutions provider, leveraging us.

On Saturday we’ll cover in detail what we’re doing with Profit Platform, Third Rocket, the Megalodon Funnel, Kartra, and a lot of other resources, to make this all so much easier to pull off.

We’ll cover how these funnels help you cashflow significantly more on the same marketing effort.

We will repeat what you are supposed to be doing now to improve your value and results as a marketer.

And through covering all that, we’ll be increasing your knowledge and thus your value in the marketplace.

Look for our last email tomorrow morning designed to prepare you for Saturday’s Pow-Wow.

Until tomorrow,
-Mike Klingler

P.S. You don’t have to purchase Kartra to participate in their affiliate program. However, if you do want to access the Kartra marketing platform for the $1 (14-day trial) you can get Kartra here.

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