In 2007 Mike launched his affiliate marketing products, Renegade University and Renegade Professional, teaching click-by-click how to follow what Ann Sieg and Mike Dillard had been teaching in their affiliate marketed books (The 7 Great Lies of Network Marketing, Renegade Network Marketer and Magnetic Sponsoring).

Of course, this all originally came from Dan Kennedy. Mike Dillard modeled his teachings on how to attract your prospects and even profit as you build a leads list, and Ann Seig modeled Mike Dillard.

Mike Klingler modeled them but instead of teaching the concept, he let people follow him in tutorials, literally every click of the way, to implement the attraction marketing concept.

It was a huge hit and launched Mike to the top of super affiliate charts and gave him an affiliate army of his own, who helped to market his products for years to come.

Then Mike left the scene. “I wanted to build something beyond just a cash machine. I wanted to make a bigger impact than just making people rich.”

He went onto develop the School of Online Business and Coaching Cognition that focused heavily on skill development to support people in developing deeply meaningful businesses. “I partnered with some people and really hoped to create a meaningful approach to education through this new online media. But after my tumor diagnosis, I had to hang up the hat and go back to what I know best for cashflow — teaching people marketing for cashflow. Simple.”

Mike’s back to teaching what most people want to hear and know, and it’s better than ever. “I have found this to be so much easier than teaching skills to people who really don’t want to change but want the reward. That wasn’t fun. But everyone wants to make money. So here we go. Let’s have some fun!”

“I am really excited to see where the industry has gone. It’s bigger than it ever was. The technology is easier to use than ever before. Yes, this is going to be fun!”

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