Some of you may want to use Fiverr to hire someone to re-write my articles so it is unique content on your blog. I made a video here talking about this and we can discuss it more on the weekly calls if you have more questions about this specific topic. We have another Q and A tomorrow (Tue.) at 6 pm PT / 9 ET. And we’re available again on Sat at noon PT / 3 ET.

Duplicate Content Gets Penalized by Google…

Google doesn’t like it if your content looks the same as mine so you need to rewrite it (or have someone do that for you). But having the baseline for what the content needs to say is obviously 99% of the effort and so I’m giving you the articles to work off of. This is high-level value you get to take credit for that is what attracts buyers to the offers your system recommends in the auto-emails, but also that you may offer to them in the future.

Can I Just Use those Free Online Rewrite Tools?

There are free online tools that rewrite content quickly, but they don’t do a good enough job (at all). I show an example in the video I’ve posted here.

You can hire people on Fiverr for between $5 and $20 to do this for you. I suggest you do. If you treat this like a real business it will start to pay you like one.

I discuss using Fiverr and some more considerations in the Fiverr video.

Or, again, you can re-write the content yourself.

There will be about 15 key articles before we are done with the ‘minimum’ base content for you system. Over time you should add more (as I will be sharing news ones with you to consider adding each month), but 15 is a strong enough base to launch your system around. I am giving all of these two you over the next few days.

Remember, this will be YOUR asset… it is YOUR system in your full control. Your auto emails will be going out, linking back to the value-based content on your blog, where you are able to take credit for it as your own. This then leads into your affiliate offers that pay commissions, and it also builds a relationship between you (the value-bearer) and them (the prospect)… which is key to moving forward on your goals in promoting opportunities or other offers you have that you plan to create, or that you find out there going forward.

It’s also key to seeing more of them buying Profit Platform or other affiliate offers your system introduces. To put it mildly, the content I am giving you and that you should be excited to make your own (as unique content), is gold.

The articles I’m giving you are not just typical blog posts. They are much more valuable than that because they are part of your system. Again, I repeat this because it’s so often missed by “online opportunists” who continue to struggle… You need auto-emails referring back to valuable content (not just promotional content) that YOU are contributing to your prospect’s life. This is the piece often missing from the equation when it comes to serving business-minded people or those who are serious about investing to improve their life. Many people try to provide value on FB or social media by posting positive messages. This does not allow you to stand out to the action takers who are seeking real solid advice and guidance. The content I’m giving you positions you to do that. It’s a pivotal step in building a list and attracting purchasers who follow through long term.

But again, we must translate what I am giving you into your own personalized version. It should be something you continually improve over time, adding in a video, better images… these articles are assets like house rentals that you take care of.

Take good care of your business and it will take care of you!

If I or Robyn referred you to Profit Platform get a free Fiverr account here

* If you were referred to Profit Platform by someone else, ask them for their Fiverr referral link and set up your free Fiverr account that way. It’s important to maintain the proper referral network. Note that once the system is has these Fiverr referral links build into the auto emails we will no longer reference our links at all in a post like this so to minimize confusion. It will only be when we introduce a NEW resource (like Fiverr) where we may make reference to it before the new resources is added into the system permanently. When we do reference a new link that’s being introduced, we will always encourage people to contact their referrer for the link.

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