Much of what great marketers do is POSITIONING.

All lasting online succes stories invest most of their time ‘positioning’ so when they are ‘marketing’ they see significantly more results with the same effort.

Positioning is not the same as Posturing.

Posturing can come off ‘fake’ or forced. And while it’s effective in some circles, it doesn’t work for people who can be described as ‘genuine’ by nature.

People who thrive in an “alpha dog” sales culture who do a lot of “peacocking” are posturing. But even those who excel in a muster of peacocks need substance to actually win. That substance comes from positioning.

This is why you see many personalities winning online — not just ‘alphas.’


When you set up a lead capture page, have auto-emails going out that you had something to do with creating… and when you provide value via these and other mechanisms, with something set up to lead people to “value offers” that compensate you via automation, you are positioning yourself as an incredibly attractive and valuable resource.

Use Systems but Be Hands On with the Marketing

It’s important to be somewhat involved in the process of setting up your system so you actually know what’s going on or it will be obvious you are clueless. Being clueless is not going to successfully position you to attract.

But when you do the above (positioning), then you can go out and promote an opportunity or a product you believe in, or anything related to helping others reach their goals, and you have people’s attention.

Always be improving your positioning. Doing so is preparing you for greater levels of leverage in your marketing – meaning you get more and more out of every action you take, or ad you place.

Mike Klingler teaches the Online Success Strategy

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