When I saw Andy Jenkins presenting Kartra for the first time, I was immediately reminded of my first introduction to Andy in 2006 when he released StomperNet. That’s the program that taught me all I needed to launch my first blockbuster in 2007. So I listened.

Become a Kartra Affiliate to Generate Thousands in Monthly Commissions

Knowing Frank Kern was behind Kartra as well, I figured they’d have an ace up their sleeve. They never fail to disappoint. They’ve packed so much marketing genius and simplicity levers into this thing I am simply blown away.

Now look, I love Russel Brunson and his potato gun funnel story, and everything else that comes with him as much as the next guy. And Clickfunnels is clearly a powerful and successful sales funnel resource. But the problem is it’s just not that easy to use.

“WHAT!?” you cry!

OK… here’s the deal. I’ve been around the marketing funnel mastery block for years, but I’m not a technical guy. In my marketing heyday, I hired people to do the funnel building and even built my own platforms like today’s Clickfunnels, Kajabi, and Kartra (only crappier than all of them because we built it in .net!) Like I said I’m not a tech guy. The thing is Clickfunnels isn’t easy enough for me. If you’ve been using it a while I know it’s easy for you but it’s not easy for your average bear.

Yes, I could learn it but I don’t like the process. But Kartra makes me want to learn it. Kartra makes me want to teach it to other average non-techy bears like my self.

I’ll do a follow up comparison as I dig into using it more. And I’ll run through the detailed pros and cons of Kajabi vs. Clickfunnels vs. Kartra… but for now the decision is definitely final and the point is this: Kartra wins!

Become a Kartra Affiliate to Generate Thousands in Monthly Commissions

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