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In 2006 I was conceiving a system called Renegade University, which would soon become an Internet sensation and change my life forever.

I was confident it would work even though I had no proof. And even though I knew practically nothing about Internet marketing and that was exactly what Renegade University would be selling and teaching!

I’d been creating systems for years. But I didn’t know a thing about social media and generating free leads. So I had a lot to learn fast.

I had recently divorced with two young kids. I was the sole provider and I was broke, in debt with nothing but an idea. I was scared beyond belief at times, but most of the time absolutely certain I’d get it figured out. I would get my kids out of that poverty stricken neighborhood and provide them with great opportunities. I moved down the street and pushed myself harder than I ever had and likely ever will again.

Long story short, it was a hit. Far bigger than I imagined.

Andy Jenkins played a big role in my success back then. He came out with a company called StomperNet. It taught people how to generate leads with social media, and even though it ‘seemed’ far too expensive at the time, I put it on my credit card and dove in. That’s where I learned everything that I then taught at Renegade University.

Did I steal it?

I taught it very differently. I taught it for beginners. I went slow, click-by-click, and spent time inspiring people to believe in themselves. I empathized with this group and enjoyed helping them get closer to their dreams.

How did I go from being unknown to becoming one of the most influential Internet trainers in a matter of months?

– I took the time to become an expert in marketing.
– I made it my focus until I knew what I needed to know.

THAT is the only reason I became successful at attracting leads so effortlessly to me.

Look, if you have a great system, even half has good as anything we’ve provided at Profit Platform, you don’t need to be an exceptional marketer to do well. But you do need to be a good one.

Imagine if you’re a lawyer and you want to get paid like a good lawyer. But you don’t know much about law. And you don’t want to learn much about law. We would consider it delusional to expect others to pay you well for your knowledge in law.

And so it goes with marketing.

If you aren’t at least good at marketing, you can’t create good marketing content. You can’t generate a good number of leads. Your prospects can see if you’re as lost as they are about how it all works. They want to lock arms with people who understand the online landscape.

So on this Saturday’s Pow-Wow we’re going to go deeper than we ever have. But you need to do a few things first to prepare or you’ll be lost.

Back to Andy Jenkins

Andy is a super salesman. You’re about to meet him. 13 years ago, he taught me much of my foundational knowledge about online marketing. He may come off a little ‘salesy’ but he is no doubt a genius. And the platform he has created, along with Frank Kern and their team, is nothing short of brilliant.

We will be using their platform a lot going forward. And whether you personally use it or not, we’re going to be referring to it often to teach you marketing, marketing funnels and all the details behind what makes money online.

You need to get familiar with the best tools out there, and how they work. We’re going to make sure you understand these tools and the concepts behind them that every good marketer must about… So you become an attractive guide to others, able to create content that builds a huge leads list and cash-stream.

This Saturday, I’m going to go over some really comprehensive marketing stuff, regarding Third Rocket, the Megalodon funnel, and Andy Jenkin’s new platform.

I’ll also be going over the content Andy discusses in this comprehensive Kartra video he created reviewing the features and benefits of his platform for marketers. Watch Kartra video.

In that video, Andy covers a lot about what every good marketer must be able to follow. So I’m going to discuss what Andy goes over on Saturday and make sure YOU understand what the heck he’s talking about.

Any good marketer will know at least 70% of what Andy is discussing in there.

So watch this video on Kartra here

Study it to prepare for the Saturday Pow-Wow.

If you’re ever going to get paid like a good marketer, you must understand the language of marketing.

If you’re willing to take the steps we put in front of you, you will become not just “good” but great at marketing. And it doesn’t have to take long… if you focus on the simple steps that lead you to learning this stuff once and for all.

1. So watch that video by Andy where he shares what his platform provides to marketers.

2. Write down things you don’t understand that he talks about. Marketing stuff.

3. On Saturday we’ll go over all these things and we’ll make sure you understand the language and concepts that you MUST KNOW if you are to attract a lot of people through marketing.

You don’t have to know how to implement most of what Andy discusses. But you do need to understand at least 70% of it conceptually.

When you know the language of a marketer, you can create attractive content and have conversations with prospects that demonstrate you are an expert and a valuable resource they want to follow.

Look for tomorrow’s follow-up email. Don’t miss these emails I’ll be sending between now and Saturday to prepare you for the Pow-Wow.

On Saturday, I’ll not just be going over the marketing concepts Andy discusses in that video that his platform can do, we’ll also share the Megalodon funnel and how it fits in with Third Rocket and Profit Platform for mega cashflow’ing opportunties for you as you build your list.
-Mike Klingler

P.S. Marketing tip: Notice how I started this email with a story. Incorporate stories into your FB ads, emails and some of your other content. Doesn’t have to always be the case, but try it out.

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