So about 30 minutes ago I sent out an email to my list.

Then I posted the same email to my blog: How to Market Like a Boss

Then I made a post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn back to that blog post.

I then made a fast and easy YouTube video reviewing the same blog post and linked to the same blog article.

I then made another post on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn sharing the YouTube video.

Later, without having to create new content, I made a post sharing how I just turned one piece of content into 5 foundational content pieces.

That provides even more content for a blog post like this one, an email for my list tomorrow, another YouTube video, and more social media sharing and value for my audience.

All of this helps my audience in a big way by teaching them how simple marketing can be and how to save time and get 5x the result with minimal effort.

And all of this promotes my affiliate link for Kartra, producing cashflow for me and even more value to those in my audience who want to go big in their marketing by keeping things simple.

This is just one little example of what I teach and share every day.

And this is yet another example of exactly how great marketing works. It helps your audience get closer to what they want, by merely documenting what you are doing that actually works.

Get Kartra if you want to follow how I keep marketing simple.

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