I had always thought it was Andy Jenkins who was behind StomperNet, because it was his voice in the trainings that taught me nearly all I know about lead generation. This was 13 years ago right before I created Renegade University and enjoyed my blazing trail to Internet fame.

But I also owe a debt of gratitude to Frank Kern who actually created the sales copy for StomperNet that led me to purchase in the first place. It was a big leap of faith as I was massively in debt and in a rather precarious situation with two young kids and no clear direction about how I was going to financially take care of them. Well, StomperNet gave me the foundational knowledge to show beginners, step by step and click by click, how to generate free leads online. That one decision to buy StomperNet spring-boarded many millions generated through my marketing.

Thank you Frank!

In this video here below, which is Frank Kern speaking at a Live Event about 13 years ago, he teaches how to sell effortlessly. He’s one of the most successful marketers of our time. Here he goes deep to authentic selling, and speaking to your audience on a core level, rather than merely a surface level. Powerful presentation.

“Everything you put out there should be about helping people – moving them closer to their goal in your marketing.” – Frank Kern

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