Fast-Track to Massive High-Quality Leads (SEO)

To Get More Free Leads and Traffic Than You’ll Ever Need…

Lay groundwork for SEO

Phase 1 – Build a massive web of super fast-and-easy to create content on YouTube, a blog, social media and in relevant groups focused primarily on letting the search indexes know what key words you are locking your sights onto. This content need not be sensation, just functional. If you can’t create it super fast you’re doing it wrong in this stage. Focus on creating a lot of it for a couple months. Don’t expect results immediately – that’s silly. This phase is about quantity. You are talking as much or more to Internet index spiders (google, yahoo, YouTube, etc) than you are real people. You target hot topics, people/leaders in that niche or field, books in that field, polarizing discussions, keywords in that field.

Strategic SEO Refinement: Use Keywords to Attract People from Other Networks & Create Compelling Discussions

Phase 2 – You have a solid web of functional content EVERYWHERE (FB profile, FB fan page, primitive blog that can look like poo (irrelevant), YouTube channel, Twitter, more social locations if you want to (but not needed)… then you start to create less but more quality content on those same topics. Now you’re creating it for a real audience and not just the search indexes. This is for a few months.

Focus on Skills on Two Social Media Locations (no more)

Phase 3 – Now you create much less content but make it GOOD. Now you can see which content was most sticky and focus in on that. You can still post to twitter, linkedIn, Instagram, etc… but focus in on just ONE or TWO social sites (I suggest Facebook and YouTube for best results but if you have a different preference focus on that one. I suggest TWO as a focus. Learn to refine your skills in those two areas. Study what others in your market do well. Model that. Hone in the skill for high value content.

Develop Your Blog

Phase 4 – In the end, over time, make your blog or website a great home base. Keep it simple, refine it. Point your social media content to it often. Embed your YouTube videos into it. Make sure your blog is leading into Lead capture pages and funnels that pay you cashflow!

Do this and you win the free organic traffic game. Don’t do this, and you don’t!

*You can tell what phase I’m in now (phase 1). But I did this before between 2007 and 2010 and it build a 7-figure business with zero ad budget. Repeating it now for a new product line I’m creating in the marketing training space. Watch me pass through phase 1, then 2 and then 3 over the next 6 months and see the result.

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