Personally, I think Kartra is going to take Russell Brunson’s ClickFunnels by storm.

Become a Kartra Affiliate to Generate Thousands in Monthly Commissions

We all love Russell and his infamous funnel story telling, especially the one about the potato gun. But first mover’s advantage and Tony Robbins can only take you so far. In the end, it’s about cost, ease-of-use, and how much funnel building the average bear can pack in with the technology.

And in my opinion, Kartra wins hands down.

What do YOU think: Clickfunnels or Kartra?

I’m just getting started with Kartra and want to know which one you love most and why. Share in the comments below and let’s see which one wins out in the end.

Or, do you think they will both corner their own niches?

Which is better, Clickfunnels or Kartra?

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