Cashflow Formula and Live Demo

For those who dream to leave their job or career, or a business that isn’t cutting it, but who need RELIABLE cashflow to count on…

This is for those who appreciate a thorough, logical run-through of the cashflow formula.

It doesn’t matter if you’re the type to promote an opportunity, or a product, a course, a book, or a service, or use affiliate marketing— you ALL need to use automation to build a sphere-of-influence. If you can’t get that you will never make it.

Everyone Successful Online…

This is HOW everyone who succeeds at creating automated, RELIABLE cashflow does it.

I went into business in 1994. Back then I sold nutrition. While everyone else was cold-calling supplement stores or selling to friends and family, I immediately set up a system.

Don Lapree’s Playbook

Drawing from Don Lapree’s late-night “tiny little ad” infomercials I had seen growing up as a kid, I placed an ad in a local magazine until I found a hit, meaning I was at positive cashflow on one tiny little ad. Then I duplicated that same ad in magazines across the country.

It worked!

This wasn’t the “full” cashflow formula but it was a big step toward it. I never needed a job again. At age 22 I was free! From that year forward, I would continue to set up automated systems to market products, courses or opportunities I believed in.

When the Internet came along it didn’t take long to duplicate the concepts I picked up pre-Internet. I started creating systems that would automate and scale my cashflow online. At first I was still in nutrition, but I quickly learned the method worked across every niche imaginable.

By 2009 I had honed in on what I now call the cashflow formula. It’s not mine. It’s what every successful online “leverager” uses, in every niche imaginable. If someone promotes to you online or by email, with ads or not, through social media or not–and they are successful at it… I can assure you that they follow the cashflow formula, whether they call it that or not.
Just since 2009 alone, my marketing has generated over 7 million in gross income following the cashflow formula.

“Well, that’s just gross, Mike.”

Yes, it’s gross. It doesn’t count expenses on programmers I had to hire back then (that we don’t need anymore because of practically ‘free’ tools we can use). It doesn’t count the laptop I bought, or any of the crazy things I wasted money on like the glamours Penthouse we didn’t need.

But it is silly to focus on net BECAUSE I spent millions developing pet projects just to see if I could. I was wasteful back then. What I’m teaching doesn’t require you to create products or manage big projects at all. I hired dozens of employees just to try to learn how to manage employees… to develop new concepts not designed for big profits (because I had more money than I ever dreamed of needing).

I’m Baaaack!

But now, I’m back to what I’m good at and enjoy most, which is SIMPLE… and teaching serious people how to market products or courses you either create on your own, or opportunities you find and get excited about, or affiliate products, or your own services… to generate reliable cashflow that you can count on and scale up with little fuss or fanfare. Without having to be a charismatic YouTube sensation or tech-geek.

Understand that many of the 7-figure years was generated with zero ad budget – all through organic content like I still teach today, even though I am super boring on video and even to this day use my old laptop camera so it looks grainy and I talk like a true introvert… and even though my blog is and always was ugly as heck. And even though there are typos in my emails because I rarely spell check.

I have used ads as of a few years ago and love the automation but without “at least” some rough content online you’re really making it unnecessarily hard on yourself so I teach both.

Some of you may also look at 7 million gross revenue in 10 years and think…

“That’s not very much, Mike.”

Well, yes, I have friends who have done 10x that and more… also following the cashflow formula. One of my students did 50 million revenue in a year (he was a waiter when he was a student of mine)… so I know that the amount I generated over the last 10 years isn’t all that impressive. But understand I’m not a hard core business guy. I don’t get off on it. I took several years off and that’s counted! I’m into the freedom this all provides. I’m not an attention seeker. I like to find little levers to push and pull on what brings huge results and I teach exactly that.

Cashflow Formula- Logical Explanation…

Some people read some of our emails and think, “oh they’re just selling air.”
Nothing could be further from the truth.

We are teaching you on how to market properly.

You may have tried to leave a job with some opportunity you were excited about… and you failed. I know why you failed and how you will succeed next time around. But you better learn how to use the Internet to expand your sphere of influence first or nothing will change next time you go for it.
Others of you became bloggers, authors, course creators, speakers or coaches. I know you well because one of my pet projects a few years ago was creating a coaching school (ICF). That’s a real coaching school and not one of those ‘get a coaching certificate in a weekend sort of deals.’ It took 6 months to graduate our school and it met all ICF standards.
We graduated thousands of students and most of them were authors, speakers, course creators.

If you’re a part of that group, it’s very likely you never learned how to market your products or services and it’s been a costly lesson for you.
Others of you got into affiliate marketing but can’t sell a dang thing–or not enough to make it worth your while.

If you get serious about learning the Cashflow Formula there is literally no way you will fail because it’s just how automation, and the Internet and business works.

OK, so here’s a logical explanation of it:

Let’s say you will be promoting an opportunity in the future, or an affiliate product that pays commissions, or your own products or services… This is how people do well and even get to full-time reliable cashflow on up to multiple 7 figures using the Internet and automation.

Here’s how it works:

You don’t start promoting or advertising out of the gate. You lay a blanket of value out there. Seems obvious but people often skip this part.
Value is stuff people in your market will be interested in. If you’re not willing to do that forget about it. If you just don’t know how we can teach that part. It doesn’t need to be genius level stuff.

And here’s the deal…

The more you do now to build a blanket of value across the net (on a blog, YouTube, to your email list) the more results you get when you start promoting.

The value builds up like a dam.

It allows for the law of reciprocity to kick in.

Once you get to a certain point it’s perpetual motion cashflow. Meaning… you can almost promote something non stop to your list and audience and just keep seeing sales. Of course, for that perpetual cashflow to work you do need to keep providing value but eventually you can automate nearly ALL of it. If you are creating blog posts now, or YouTube vids…. the ones that you see get the most traction after a few months can permanently be referenced in your auto emails. And you would select ones that link to offers that make you cashflow (either your offers or someone else’s that offer affiliate commissions). Could be an opportunity as well. What you promote is up to you but if you have no idea what to promote you can use our system and duplicate what we do.

The point here is the value you create now becomes automated later… it’s a system! So you can walk away and it keeps paying you.

Are you seeing this?

This is the cashflow formula. To market without it is madness. And of course there’s more to it but NOT that much more. It’s not rocket science. But it does require focus and a certain level of maturity. If you can bring that you can leave the job market for good. It’s just a fact.

What about ads?

Many think they will avoid providing value on social media or in videos, and just run ads. You can do that but your results will be significantly reduced, meaning you will get back a lot less money for what you spend. That makes it tough.

If you get the above going then when you turn on ads you get massively more results back because you have all that content for you in your auto-emails, which builds a relationship and links into your sales pages.
You may not know how to create such a system. You may not know where to start or all the steps to get it all done. You may not see the entire picture. This is what we teach! Our sales presentation, which isn’t out now because we are presently closed… teaches all this in and of itself!

The Cashflow Formula is just your first step

Watching Cashflow Live Demo is your second step

And then soon… we’ll have a very educational review of every step you must take to reach success, and we’ll show you how we help you overcome each and every step. If you want to make sure you get this when we open again, email us and let us know.

In the meantime, start by reviewing the above.

You can leave that job for good, just as millions of others have. You can move out of a business you’re in that isn’t allowing you the freedom you require… that can only come from automation.

But you won’t be able to ever do that if you don’t take an active role in learning the simple stuff… the fundamentals.

You can lead a horse to water… but you can’t make them drink.
The above is the goods. But it’s on you to receive them. It’s not hype or glamour but you should know by now that crap will never work for you. You need something solid.

Partners in success,
Mike Klingler
Predictable System

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