Last week I held a webinar with other Kartra JV partners to start a collaborative effort to support affiliates in crushing it with Kartra.

When you look to ClickFunnels, which has been around 4 years longer, you see an inferior product that’s dominating the market at the moment because of Russel Brunson’s emphasis on marketing. Specifically, he’s creating funnels for ClickFunnel affiliates to drive traffic and generate commissions, which leads people into ClickFunnels.

What Kartra has done is created a framework for the affiliates to create such funnels, and to place them on the Kartra marketplace. You can either sell these funnels to other affiliates, or you can offer them free but build in your own products inside these funnels to basically do what Russel Brunson has done–and have affiliates market your products by offering them a commissions.

That is ingenious.

What this Kartra collaboration is all about is to support one another in the process of conceptualizing and developing funnels that you can put in the Kartra marketplace. This empowers other affiliates to be able to promote Kartra and generate affiliate commissions themselves, but helps you sell other products you include in that funnel that may be relevant to the topic.

People even discussed collaboration as a team where a person good at the tech side but not good with the presentation side can partner with someone good at the presentations but not interested in the tech side–to create a JV and work together on a funnel project. Smart idea!

To learn more about how you can either participate as a funnel creator, to sell your products while helping other Kartra affiliates generate affiliate commissions with the Kartra affiliate program, or to learn how you can follow along and perhaps end up using such a funnel to supplement your income, below are two video replays of the event.

Become a Kartra Affiliate to Generate Thousands in Monthly Commissions

Kartra Affiliate Collaboration Intro

Here was the prep video people were invited to attend to prepare for the Kartra affiliate collaboration:

Kartra Affiliate Main Zoom Replay

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