You should always be on the lookout for Affiliate Programs to add into your auto-emails and marketing funnel. This increases your cashflow and ability to scale up your marketing significantly. We discuss how it all works in this article.

Below you’ll also find Mike Klingler’s Top Affiliate Program Picks for 2019. These are Affiliate offers Mike personally includes in his own marketing to boost automated cashflow while providing goodwill to his list.

The affiliate programs in Mike’s “Top Picks List” are for the online marketing niche. This includes online entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants, affiliate marketers, influencers, bloggers, course creators — Anyone using the Internet to generate cashflow.

Before you scroll down to see Mike’s Top Picks, let’s make sure you understand how Affiliate Marketing can be used to increase lead and customer value. Because when you know how to do that, you can literally increase your cashflow at will.

Affiliate Marketing is the Key to Automated Selling & Scaling…

If you don’t know how to use Affiliate Marketing to boost your Average Lead & Customer Value, pay close attention because this is a GAME-CHANGER.

By adding affiliate offers to your automated emails you’re able to generate a lot more cashflow on the same number of leads, and it’s automated income. This allows you scale up your advertising without an additional out-of-pocket expense. Mike refers to this as the “Zero-cost Ad Strategy.”

But What If You Use Free Marketing Methods and Don’t Need this “Zero-Cost” Ad Strategy?

First of all, everyone should consider doing ads at some point, especially if you can do it at no out-of-pocket expense.

But even if you decide to promote your business exclusively through free marketing methods — such as social media — you still want to be increasing your cashflow with the same leads you generate. Otherwise, you are likely wasting time on social media without a decent return.

Adding multiple affiliate offers into your automated emails is the fastest way to increase cashflow on the same leads you generate.

Ever Think There’s a SECRET Behind the Top Marketer’s Online Success Process? Well, You’re Right!

Using affiliate marketing this way is the big secret behind many of the online success stories. This is what’s happening behind-the-scenes that makes what you see top marketers do on social media garner so much attention. They are often using affiliate marketing to earn more cashflow on the same leads and marketing effort. That gives them the resources to drive ads that create more engagement.

This ever-increasing engagement gives them more leverage (more results with the same time invested) and THAT gives them more free time to work on their stuff. In turn, this improves their social media content, which brings even better results. Getting easier and easier results BOOSTS their confidence and it all starts to FLY.

Others don’t apply this to social media, but instead use it to scale up ads almost exclusively, which drives the growth of their email list. And since those emails link into offers, it drives sales and cashflow.

Either way, whether you want to be big on social media or not, it’s easy to see why those using affiliate marketing to boost cashflow have a HUGE advantage over everyone else.

And the point is… you can be doing this! In fact, it’s downright silly (and really, REALLY difficult) if you’re not doing this!

Name of the Game: Optimization

One of the most lucrative cashflow optimization strategies of the five we teach is to add multiple income streams into your automated emails. Bob Proctor of The Secret does it. Jack Canfield of Chicken Soup for the Soul does it.

Just about every influencer you know from Brendon Burchard to Danielle Laporte to Gary Vaynerchuck and Tony Robbins… does it. It’s how you make enough money to market properly.

The Truth Behind Successful Online Marketing

Using Affiliate Marketing to Create Multiple Streams of Income

It’s so important to understand that THIS is how most successful online entrepreneurs got there. We increase our cashflow even on the same number of leads by putting affiliate offers in the auto-emails. This extra cashflow is how we can afford to shine so much more sunlight on our social media profiles and lead capture pages, while everyone else sits in the shade — wondering what they’re doing wrong.

A few top marketers go about achieving multiple streams of automated income by creating a lot of their own offers. But this can take many years to develop so it’s not a great starting point.

I am going to repeat this because if it sinks in it will change your life…

MOST successful marketers, particularly early on, share affiliate programs within their auto-email sequence to set-up multiple streams of income so they don’t have to create all the offers themselves.

Whether you create multiple income streams through your own offers, or through affiliate offers, the point is the same. You get an ever-increasing stream of cashflow that you get to use for advertising, and to scale up and to invest in other ways (hiring VA’s, investing into your brand, etc).

The Affiliate Programs You Choose Must Be Valuable

The affiliate programs you introduce must be valuable to your list. Meaning… the offers you share must help your audience get closer to their goal, or make the process faster and easier.

Sharing helpful Affiliate Offers Will Increase Your Long-term Customer Value!

Putting helpful offers in front of your list increases future purchases on other products or offers you recommend.


Because when they purchase something from you and it ends up actually BENEFITING them, they are far more likely to purchase from you again. They’re also more likely to purchase more expensive (higher ticket) offers you recommend.

So adding affiliate programs doesn’t just give you more cashflow from the sale of the affiliate programs themselves, it also increases long-term sales on any OTHER offers you share.

And this means you’re increasing your Average Customer Value (what each customer is worth to you over the course of a lifetime).

This is exactly how you want to start thinking about your online marketing efforts going forward. You want to look at ways to increase what you earn per lead, and per customer. That’s the whole point.

It’s all about THIS strategy.

Set things up to generate more and more cashflow without investing more time.

Increasing Your Lead Value = Increasing Your Monthly Income

The more top affiliate programs you can strategically pack into your funnel (including auto-email sequences, exit pop-ups, and at the end of a check-out process)… The more you earn per lead. And that’s BIG.

This is the fastest, easiest way to increase your average lead value and thus your monthly income. It’s where you have the most control.

Select a Range of Low Ticket to High-Ticket Affiliate Programs

Some of the affiliate programs you’ll find below on Mike’s Top Affiliate Picks List are LOW TICKET programs (meaning, they don’t pay a lot), but they provide a lot of value to your audience who buy. This builds trust and increases the likelihood they buy again. Other affiliate programs in Mike’s Top Picks List are HIGH TICKET (they pay a lot), and were also chosen for the high value they provide your list.

By signing up as an affiliate with any of the programs below, you can earn significant commissions. Most of these are free to register with and allow you to generate commissions without purchasing the product. Others require you to purchase before you can become an affiliate so you’ve experienced the program you’re recommending.

Mike’s going to show you how he generates commissions with affiliate marketing by being selective in the programs he chooses, and by applying marketing minimalism (doing more with less). This blog is an example of minimalism.

Get a blog just like this one for just $99!

The bottom line is that you want to generate cashflow and get control over increasing it. Because if you can do that, you can write your own ticket. And if you can’t, you’re not going to create the lifestyle you’re after. Period.

So Let’s Get To It…

Mike Klingler’s Top Affiliate Picks

Below is a running list of all the Affiliate Programs we’re referring our list into, and that we teach others how to use to generate cashflow, too. We’ll be adding new affiliate offers to this list all the time. So bookmark this page and check back often to stay up-to-date.

If you’d like to purchase any of these resources, see Mike Klingler’s resource page. If you do purchase any of the tools or resources from there, reach out and let us know because there may be additional resources Mike gives to you after purchasing a resource through one of his links. Email [email protected] and our team will get back to you.

Here are the Top Affiliate Programs Mike Recommends You Consider Becoming an Affiliate for:

Mike’s complete list, last updated on July 30th, 2019…

1. Profit Platform – Use the Same System Mike Uses for Lead Generation & Affiliate Cashflow

Affiliate Cashflow & Lead Generation System – Profit Platform

Profit Platform gives you a complete system (the same one Mike uses), including a blog much like the one you’re on now. It even provides you with the value to put on it and shows you how to customize it so it’s unique to you. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The system includes all the marketing funnel components you’ll need to start automating your marketing, lead generation and sales commissions.

Become an Affiliate of Profit Platform here.

Learn more about Profit Platform here.

2. Affiliate Starter Blog

Get a Blog Just Like This One!

The Affiliate Starter Blog is for those on a Budget who want a blog that looks very much like the one you’re on now. You’ll get a Word Press blog set up for you and learn how to use it to post your own content. You’ll also learn how to generate free traffic using SEO (search engine optimization), which is the first big step to generating an affiliate commission income stream online.

Blog and classes cost $99.

Pays $20* affiliate commission.
* There are more significant commissions in the upsell process

Learn more about becoming an Affiliate for Affiliate Starter Blog

Learn more about purchasing the Affiliate Starter Blog

3. Kartra – The All-in-One Marketing Platform Solution

#1 All-in-one Marketing Platform (beating Clickfunnels hands down)

Kartra is the premier all-in-one marketing platform to create marketing funnels and automate sales. It’s Free to become an affiliate with Kartra. This beats LeadPages, Clickfunnels and Builderall hands-down. It’s about the same price as Clickfunnels but packs in everything you need all in one place, including an email system.

Learn more about becoming an Affiliate with Kartra

Learn more about Kartra as an All-In-One Marketing Platform

4. Aweber – Email Marketing

Aweber Email

Aweber – This is an email system so you can set up auto-emails and also send out a blast to your entire list in one swoop. It connects to your lead capture page, which you can set up on your blog.

If you’re using Kartra you won’t need Aweber because Kartra comes with a robust email system and has the best email deliverability rates in the industry. But if you do not have Kartra, you’ll want your own email system to send follow-up emails to your list.

Learn more about Aweber’s Affiliate Program

Learn more about Aweber

5. ClickMagick – Tracking & Optimization

ClickMagick – If you’re going to be using Kartra you won’t need ClickMagick because Kartra has everything you need all under one roof. But if you aren’t using Kartra and you want to track where your leads are coming from, plus do a number of other Pro Tricks that allow you to increase your lead value, split-test and hit income targets with real control, learn about ClickMagick here.

Become an affiliate of ClickMagick free here, so you can receive a commission referring it to others.

6. Upviral – Viral Marketing for 100x Leads at Same Cost

Upviral – Use viral marketing to explode the number of leads you generate. Low-cost, powerful tool to add onto your lead forms that can exponentially increase lead results on same cost.

Learn more about Upviral Product

Learn more about Upviral Affiliate Program

7. Zoom

Zoom – Zoom is a fantastic tool for doing webinars with slides or with video, or to use for group video meetings, or one-on-one. It’s fast and easy to use, and has a great reputation in the industry.

Learn more about Zoom product

Learn more about Zoom Affiliate program

8. Fiverr

Fiverr gives you a great one-stop shop for hiring designers or assistants on a number of needs. This is a very low cost option (Note I paid $10 for the logo on this site by hiring someone on Fiverr, and have also hired assistance from Fiverr for $5 to help create content articles or re-write scripts for others to use on their YouTube marketing videos).

Sign up with Fiverr free to use the service

After signing up for a free account at the link directly above, go to the link below to become an affiliate of Fiverr.

Go here to become a Fiverr affiliate

Learn a little more about Fiverr here

9. VisitingHost: Better than BlueHost if you Want to be Billed Monthly

VisitingHost is an excellent hosting service at a better price than BlueHost.

If you’re going to have your own blog (or already do), you need to host it somewhere.

VisitingHost offers the best option for those who don’t want to commit to a yearly plan. Billed monthly at $3.99/mo.

Get visiting host to host your blog

10. Chatbot

Chatbot (coming soon).

11. Predictable Cashflow Pro

Predictable Cashflow Pro (coming soon)

Here are videos reviewing many of the Affiliate Programs found on Mike’s list above. The page also links directly to the free Affiliate Application for each program.

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