There are a lot of ways to do affiliate marketing successfully. It is a huge market with many different strategies that will work.

With that said, let’s talk for a moment about whether or not you should be building lead capture pages for your affiliate business.

Here’s the reality:

Most people are going to go broke if they are just starting out and set up ads online and drive traffic straight to an affiliate sales page. If you don’t capture the lead you have no opportunity to increase your earnings on the same people you just spent money driving to that sales page. So think about that.

On the flip side, if you find a really effective ad and a very effective affiliate sales page, you could generate massive cashflow and have big success. You will need to master the advertising game.

Your other options is content marketing. Many affiliate marketers cringe at the idea because it’s the slow game. This is where you create a blog, YouTube channel or other social sites and build an audience with content. This is solid long-term for obvious reasons but there’s tons of early work that goes into it. If you’re following this content strategy you’re going to either be building a list with a lead capture page to further your relationship with your audience, or you’re going to skip the lead capture page and sell a very low cost product like $5 or less and then that’s your list you build a relationship with. Most believe this latter option can be is effective for content marketing but not if you’re advertising because the cost of ads require a higher costing product.

If you’re advertising, you should consider either selling a high ticket product if you’re not going to have a lead capture page, or if you have a lower costing product, you need an LCP between so you can make more over time on that lead. This allows you to offset the cost of your ads as you build your list and audience.

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