Want MORE Confidence?

Confidence impacts everything…

It impacts whether you’ll nail that next job interview or even if you’ll apply for the ‘job you really want…’

It impacts the success of your business, such as whether you’ll charge what you’re really worth, or be able to represent the value you really have in your marketing message and presentation… it even impacts if  you’ll ever start on that business or non-profit idea in the first place!

Your level of confidence, or lack of it, is immediately felt in your words, even in your writing… on a blog, Facebook post, a video, and through your voice.

There’s little debate, confidence is one of the most important skills you can develop.

Yes, it’s indeed a SKILL you can develop.

You must learn it and you must practice it–ideally in a safe and supportive environment such as the one we’ve created. Such learning places are unique, so take note and advantage of what I’m sharing with you here…

On Thursday I’ve invited on Barbara Silva—an instructor and co-founder of the Academy of Coaching Cognition, to share more with us about how you can develop your confidence by working on “Life Coaching” skills.

Even if you have NO INTEREST in being a life coach as a career, the confidence you will gain before summer this year… will profoundly impact every area of your life, forever forward.

Join us Thursday to start gaining more confidence, ASAP… Because your life is now!

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