How To Discover & Market Your Own Value In The New “Empathy Economy”

There’s a healthy shift underway…

The heartfelt center of our economy is growing.

Here’s why:

Consider how much information we have access to today.  We constantly pass  thousands of ads and messages online.

Facebook posts, blog articles, videos, emails–

It’s impossible to process a fraction of it.

With so many people trying to get everyone’s attention, it’s only natural that quality will become more relevant than quantity.

But what makes a “quality” message?

Think about it…

If a Facebook post, advertisement, blog article, video, or email resonates with your own core values and interests (much like this article you’re reading now), it grabs your attention. If it goes on to solve a problem or address a need, you move forward to consume more (clicking on the ad, giving your email to subscribe, purchasing a product, etc).

It’s extremely inexpensive to reach large quantities of people online… IF you can connect  heart-to-heart.

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This is extraordinary because it’s driving our business and marketing culture to learn what it means to truly CARE!

And it’s creating the opportunity for you to thrive with your own online business, by simply being who you already are.

As you’ll learn, discovering your message and niche is far easier than you think.

By creating a business out of your core values, passions, interests, hobbies, life experiences, insights and authentic personality, you set yourself up to win in every way (financially, but also by loving what you do).

You set yourself up to find a niche audience who naturally connects and appreciates what you offer.

It’s ALL Changing To The Empathetic Person’s Advantage!

More people are becoming savvy to the use of marketing tactics and ploys.

They’re becoming sensitive to the difference between a marketer who cares versus a brand that merely pretends to.

They’re appreciating authenticity over the “overuse” of sales psychology.

This all drives at one of the reasons your opportunity online today is so extraordinary:

You can compete with corporations and their multimillion dollar ad budgets doing what they’re unwilling to do–care & connect.

But are YOU willing to start here?

Are you willing to build your entire business, message and marketing structure from a more authentic and empathetic intention?

Are you willing to develop the skills and awareness to know how?

If yes, you will thrive.

If not, you will struggle (unless you belong to a very small percentage of charismatic personalities or have a large advertising budget to compensate).

Most people are fixated on marketing strategy alone because it “seems” like the faster path to achieving one’s goals.

But if you want results,  it will be faster to focus on what we’re discussing today… a business and marketing plan that merges your “authentic self” and core values with a structure and message that will connect you with your audience in a meaningful way.

This is great news if you’re innately empathetic.

If not (if you’re more motivated by what you get than what you give), I’ll put this into terms you might understand:

You will make a lot more money if you move away from studying marketing strategy alone and into learning skills that authentically connect you with your audience.

You CAN learn it.

As human beings we all have the capacity to connect, if we choose to.

The key is to merge the “authentic you” (based out of your core values, personality, interests, passions, life experience and insights) into a message that fills a need; and then to place THAT message into a marketing structure that effectively sells without an overuse of “old-school” sales tactics.

There’s a huge added benefit if you do this:

In addition to attracting a lot more financial success, you’ll have a more sustainable business that you enjoy, with customers who truly appreciate what you offer.

So how do you arrive at a message that aligns the authentic “YOU” with a need?

How do you find your niche in the process?

Where do you begin?

How do you structure your funnel so it leads people to act, and so you profit, while it represents your core values and personality at the same time, authentically?

No Matter Where You’re At In The Discovery or Development Process, Start & Remain With What You’re Passionate About.

You may or may not have a clue yet what you would enjoy giving in a business online, but if you start with what you’re passionate about and remain true to yourself, you’re ensured to end up with a genuine message that will turn into a successful business (if you follow the practices I share in this article).

If you do have ideas of what your business is all about, the same practices I’ll be sharing will lead you to all the answers you’re looking for (including offers, framing, all of it).

One thing is for certain, the technical piece is NOT what is holding you back–that is easy to overcome if you know what your message is and exactly what to say and how to set it up to profit. I’ll return to that later.

The meaning in your work is becoming a key consideration, but making money will be a major factor in your progress or lack thereof.

While an authentic heartfelt approach to your work is defining the new business and marketing culture, money is still the primary tool to get your message out.

In fact, the greater the impact you want to have, the more money you must make.

The challenge?

Those who are most empathetic (most caring and thoughtful) often shy away from learning how to gain influence with money.

They shy away from business and marketing planning, and learning sales psychology.

This limits our most important contributors in their capacity to give what they are here to give.

The good news?

As our culture continues to shift, more ‘empathetic people’ are finding a healthy balance between empathy and selling.

The new online economy has made it
easier than ever to find this balance.

Our world needs more empathetic marketers, coaches and business leaders to be financially empowered (and to gain influence by refining their communication & marketing skills).

Empowering these types of people with vital skills will inevitably accelerate the positive shifts we see unfolding today.

In fact, it’s among the most practical, “grounded” plans for securing a brighter future.

The School Of Online Business is the leading resource for finding your purpose, identifying your value, discovering your niche, and creating a passion-filled career by leveraging the Internet effectively (in full alignment with who you are).

We are committed, as a complete resource and friendly knowledge-base of close-knit community contributors, to support you through practicing the needed communication and marketing skills that will allow you to fully thrive and prosper in the new online economy.

We also provide lucrative incentives to encourage people to spread this message… so we can move those who are ready to their best selves (as defined by them), by creating their own online-based career that’s aligned with a deeper purpose and their own values.

We believe this new education-business system is changing the world in practical terms.

This article describes how.

The Three Key Components

These 3 items must be learned and practiced continuously in order to create a passion-filled career. When guided properly, it’s fun, not draining.

1. Marketing Funnel (how you structure your message and value to profit)
2. Communication Skills
3. Refining Your Message (Finding your niche, offers, products AND confidence)

1. The single most important and valuable asset
within reach today is a Marketing Funnel.

A marketing funnel is what most people are missing who try to make money online.  It is a simple but highly organized means of attracting an interested audience, collecting email addresses, establishing trust and selling through an automated fashion.

The key is that your message and entire
funnel should represent your core values.

The key to accomplishing this is to get real help that considers both introspection + external engagement (practice) under supervision.

Basically, you need a clear path that will help you figure it ALL out, from A-Z, so that what you create is congruent with your values and works (makes money).

The process includes highly time-efficient course work, but also one-on-one and group coach-consulting to take EVERYTHING into consideration (personal challenges and limiting beliefs, business experience or lack thereof, skills, fears, strengths and guided real-life practice). Nothing should be left to chance.

2. The Mother Of All Skills: Coach-Communication

There is another skill that is KEY to this entire process.

We call it the coach-communication skill.

Among other things it encompasses:

Active Listening
Goal Setting With Client
Holding Client Accountable
Asking Powerful Questions
Re-framing (Shifting Client’s Perspective)

These skills are vital to success in business. They should not only be learned but practiced. Later in this article you’ll see how we develop your entire discovery process to ensure you find your ideal niche, message and profitable funnel by leveraging the coach skill.

3. Refining Your Message (niche, offers, products, confidence)

Later in this article you’ll see how we develop your entire discovery process to ensure you find your ideal niche, message and profitable funnel by leveraging the coach skill.

(The complete article coming soon).

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