You’re registered for class! There’s more offered with this course… Read instructions below… Ensure you can attend each of the LIVE classes without a hitch & get 101 Course Book.


Here are some important notes and steps to ensure you get everything we’re offering in the entire series of classes scheduled between now and June 14th.


*You should have just received an email from GoTo Webinar. The email contains a link and instructions on how to attend the LIVE class. If you did NOT receive an email from GoTo Webinar, let us know in the support group and we’ll help you (link is given below).

If you’ve never attended a LIVE webinar, your computer may be out-of-date and need some quick updates. In Step 5, you’ll see how to quickly test your computer and ensure you can attend without a hitch.

Follow these steps carefully:

Step 1:  Right now, you should be registered.
We recommend that you check your email inbox to be sure you’ve received an email from GoTo Webinar ensuring your spot.

If you do not receive an email confirmation,
 email our support team at – immediately.

You can learn more about the Course 101 series by watching the replays of the Course 101 Series, and checking out new videos we’ve posted.

The LIVE Webinars hold only 1,000 participants. Call-in early.

Be sure to check for your specific time zone.

Learn more about the classes here (there are 4 total) and to find out how to get your 101 Course Book, free.

Course 101 – Class 1: Class 1 is over.
We have removed the replay of Class 1 from public access.
Go here to get private access to Class 1…
View Mike’s PowerPoint Slides of Class 1 here.

Course 101 – Class 2: Class 2 is over. Replay Class 2 to catch up.
*Watch Class 2 on your iPad & iPhone!
View Mike’s PowerPoint Slides of Class 2 here.
-Class 2 will be removed from public access on Sunday @ 11:59pm PST.

Course 101 – Class 3: Class 3 is over. Replay Class 3 to catch up…
& Watch Class 3 on your iPad or iPhone.
-Class 3 will be removed from public access on Sunday @ 11:59pm PST.

Course 201 – June 14th @ 6:30 pm PST / 9:30 pm EST -
Learn more or re-register for Course 201

Watch the replay of Classes 1, 2 & 3 and register for Course 201. 

Step 2: In addition, be sure to enter your email in the “yellow box” on the upper right-hand side of THIS page that says:  School of Online Business. Please note:  This will NOT register you for the classes. It allows me to personally update you of any schedule changes, new classes offered, or supplemental recordings to assist you throughout this series. This is “life transformational” material, and the updates I send you by email will assist you through the process of fully internalizing and personalizing what we teach. In addition, go here to get a copy of the 101 Course Book .

Step 3: Make sure you get the email updates by adding our 3 email addresses to your email contacts list. If you do not know how to do this, see instructions below.

This helps to ensure you get the email updates from me personally.

We have facilitated tens of thousands of students over the years, so we send emails to a large community. Some email providers  “block” emails when sent to large groups. By adding us to your contacts list, you won’t miss important emails regarding the courses between now and June 14th.

Step 4: We have created a support area on Facebook where you can connect with us, share what you’ve learned, or let us know if you need help.

Step 5: If you have never attended a LIVE webinar class before with Go To Webinar (the company that facilitates our classes online) make sure you have the proper / recent computer updates that allows you to attend. Do this today so you know you can attend without a hitch!  Go To Webinar has 24-7 support and their tech support will quickly run through a test to see if you have all the updates so you can attend.

*To ensure you can attend a Go To Webinar,
contact the Go To Webinar support team
for a quick test and computer update.

Call 1-800-263-6317 (if inside the US)

If outside the US, you will find the phone number
to call by going here.

You can call them 24 hours a day 7 days a week!

If there are any issues, they will let you know.

They will walk you through some fast,
easy computer updates to make sure
it works better on the Internet in general.

* You can also do a quick test online to ensure your
computer will access the class Thursday without
any issues.

Just go to

Then look for the “Find an Answer” field as you
see below.

Search for: Test Your Goto Meeting Connection

Just call the phone number if you need any help!

They will be very helpful (24-7).

How to Add Us to Your Email Contacts
List (ensuring you get all email updates)

Stay updated with important information on the classes.
Ensure you receive all of Mike’s emails directly to your inbox.
Get access to 101 Course Book.

Once you enter your email in the “yellow box” on you should be receiving email updates from sender: Mike Klingler

Here’s how to ensure you get them:

1. Search for our emails in your SEARCH box :

Search for keywords like, Mike Klingler, School of Online Business, 101 Course Book, and/or Webinar Reminder

Be sure our email messages are in your INBOX. If not… follow steps 2 and 3.

2. Check your SPAM folder

Click on the “Spam” folder in the left under GMAIL

“CHECK” the boxes of our emails, and then click ‘Not spam’ above. Our emails will then be placed in your inbox.

You can also flag the email as “important” with a yellow mark. It’s the image to the right of the ‘star.’

3. White List us!

Add the following ‘sender emails’ to your “CONTACTS” list:


If you need additional help go to our Facebook support group and post your question.

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